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Dedicated Support Regiment

Created in 2011, the dedicated support group, with almost 870 firemen, is in charge of all the specialized interventions of the Paris Fire Brigade.

Its main missions are the following:

  • supporting the fire and rescue groups in the specialized fields of radiology, biology and chemistry (NRBC), interventions with dogs (CYN), interventions in perilous environment (IMP), rescue-clearing (SD), water interventions (SIA) and submarine interventions(SIS)
  • supporting strategic sites in a well-defined sector (Roissy airport complex, CSG of Kourou, missile trial center in Biscarrosse)
  • specific support (e.g. re protection and prevention) of special sites

To a lesser extent, but as permanently and precisely, it takes part in the response to victim rescue by manning VSAV in Paris intra-muros to support the most solicited re companies, just as any other operational unit of the Brigade.

As far as organization is concerned, this structure aims at optimizing specialized resources which, by nature are limited and require a significant investment.

This optimization can be witnessed mainly in the following elds:

  • operations, in order to find the best adequacy between operational response and present and prospective needs
  • RH with a better follow-up of skilled personnel
  • know-how since it brings a more precise and adapted competence to the COS on intervention and to the station a more general level (expertise)

With its specialized and diversified capacities, requiring specific techniques and know-how, and its highly skilled and well-trained personnel, the GAS has a fully and exclusively operational mission. Like the GIS it is organized and works for fire and rescue.

Following the action plan of the Brigade it is going to have a growing power with the creation of elementary units (organization) and with the acquisition of new specialized capacities (operations).