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Support and Rescue Regiment

The 5th group is a large unit in charge of the operational support of concerning administration, technique and logistics. Its 2,126 firemen are specialized in their own elds.

They work in the various structures and bring the operational logistics support of the BSPP: the technical services (operational maintenance of equipment), Infrastructure support (operational support of infrastructures), telecommunications and computing service (maintenance of tools and systems ensuring the e ciency of re and rescue operations). Besides these classic operational logistics functions, they manage the equipments of the Health department 5BPIB) and the clothing and furnishing necessary for effectiveness interventions.

The environment of the BSPP logistics support has kept evolving while remaining on the bases of a regimentary organization unchanged since the creation of the Brigade in 1967. It has reached, due to a series of modernization plans, a critical size which has little by little deprived it of its exibility in the daily carrying out of its support missions.

Given the present stakes it seemed necessary to rationalize this organic aspect, to give it a new dynamism and to restore its efficiency in every eld of expertise, taking into account the constraints of the operational and budgetary environment. The rationalization anticipated in the action plan 2011-2015 aims mostly at separating, within the services, the level of conception from the level of execution and at finding a resource in order to support the Brigade's effort in its operational response (implementation of the SIDACR).