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Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment

The Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment is in charge of the instruction, education, moral, physical, further, technical and tactical training of all the firemen of Paris.

Combining a training system responsive, flexible and innovating and a precious balance between tradition and modernity the Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment is in a position to master training and the panel of techniques and knowledge of the 21st century fireman. Along with this demand of technical expertise, a teaching on the ethics and the deontology of the fireman in his daily activity is also given to the trainees. This particular group also has a secondary mission. It is part of the operational contract of the BSPP. Besides it plays a central part in the procedure and operational response of the BSPP in case of exceptional flood in the Paris Basin. To carry out its missions, the GFIS is organized around a staff and 3 units with various characteristics:

The 44th training company 1, in charge of the initial training of the personnel newly recruited by the BSPP. It trains the volunteers as well as the young officers. It also trains the young Paris firemen and the cadets within the framework of conventions signed with the state. It is in charge of teaching shooting in the BSPP and welcomes more than 1,200 trainees every year.

The 45th training company 2 deals with multi-disciplinary training and specialization for the officers. It is present in all the sites of the Brigade (Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Saint-Denis, Voluceau, Masséna, Champerret, Rungis, etc.) and is made up of 9 training centers: officer training center, exam preparation training center, engine driver training center, victim assistance training center, technological and urban training center, fire training center, diving and water rescue training center, physical education and sports training center and the ENSOSP prevention field. The training given in this unit are representative of the specificities and practices which contribute to the Brigade’s fame.

The 31st management and logistics company 6 (CCL6) sees to the support of the training units and to the operational capacity of the group. It integrated the Brigade’s Music in June 2012, thus extending its field of activity. Besides training, the GFIS, by request of the staff, takes part in various activities linked with the engineering, the planning and even the assessment of training in the BSPP. This permanent balance between engineering and training enables the Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment to have a training syllabus consistent with the requirements of the Brigade.

During the year 2014, the Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment accommodated 6646 trainees (either more than 124,482 days/training). While being pressed on the modern and innovating tools, in particular in the fields of the fire, the help with victims, and the highway rescue, the formation with the Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment preserves a rustic aspect, a recognized know-how and a remarkable military spirit. This alchemy, learnedly distilled by executives of great value, takes part in the fame of the Paris Fire Brigade at the national and international level.

Today the GFIS is the only firemen’s unit in France to have been given the certification ISO 9001. This certification also guarantees the client’s satisfaction and consequently the quality of the training periods organized.