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The 2nd Fire and Rescue Regiment

The 2nd Fire and Rescue Regiment defends the South-east of Paris and theVal-de-Marne department (headquarters: Masséna)

Defended sector and characteristics

With 1,600 men and women, it protects 12 Parisian districts, 44 of the 47 communes of the Val-de-Marne, 2 of the 40 communes of the Seine-Saint-Denis, as well as the airport zone of Orly. It defends approximately 2 million inhabitants, that is 33% of the population from the BSPP and 3% of the French population. To ensure its missions, the grouping account 24 help centres, including 8 headquarters, and a company of command and logistics located at the Masséna headquarters.

  • industrial risks (presence of four hydrocarbon deposits);
  • social risks in the disadvantaged districts and precarious or a the time of the great demonstrations.

Many firemen : 1,600
Many help centres : 24
Population : 2 million inhabitants
Interventions : 131,224

Outlines :

With the development of Grand Paris, the sector will continue its change, in particular in the field of transport (realization of the tram Orly-Évry, construction of a station TGV (airport of Orly around 2020). Moreover, the major project of Grand Paris Express train will impact the sector through the construction of line 15 and the prolongation of the line 14 to the airport of Orly. A major development pole, in the fields of health, pharmacy and biotechnologies, should also come out in the Valley of the-Marne. This evolution will involve an increase in the population of 265,000 people approximately by 2030. These developments will be consequent on the aspect of the suburbs and Parisian South-east.

Particular risks :

  • cultural and patrimonial risk (Louvre, Beaubourg, François-Mitterrand library…) ;
  • risk of State (Courthouse, prefecture of the Valley-of-Marne, Wholesale trading centre…) ;
  • risks related to road transports, railway, air and river of the Seine and the Marne ;
  • risks of forest fires in limit of the department.