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Ethics of the Paris Fire Brigade


General Robert Casso 


"I don’t want to know neither your philosophy, nor your religion, nor your political opinion.

I don’t mind if you are young or old, rich or poor, French or foreigner.

I may dare to ask you about your sorrow,
not wishing to be indiscreet,
but aiming to support you better.

You call me upon, then I’m rushing to you.

Be sure to alert me by the fastest and safest means.
For you, minutes awaiting will seem to be long,
so long, in your despair.

Forgive me to be so slow apparently."


The code of honor of the fireman of Paris


Having accepted to serve with honor and loyalty in the Brigade of Paris Firemen:

  • I accomplish the received mission until the end ;
  • I respect my bosses, my subordinates, my comrades ;
  • I show humility, but also a devotion, a discretion and an availability without defect ;
  • I’m practicing each day with rigor to acquire and keep an optimal effeciency ;
  • I act swiftly , with courtesy and impartiality whatever the type of intervention for which I’m called ;
  • I respect all the victims and I take into account any distress ;
  • I always satnd in solidarity, I know neither violence, nor indifference, nor lassitude ;
  • I pledge to show discipline and an exemplary moral rigor in any circumstance ;
  • I am proud of knowledge and traditions which bequeathed me my elders ;
  • I accept duties and requirements of the military trade of fireman.

The général Richard LEFÈVRE
on April 23rd, 2001