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Operation Center

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 16:33

Efficient and modern, the operation center receives and processes the whole of calls transmitted from emergency numbers 18 and 112, in Paris and Little-Crown departments (Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne). The Operation Center is made up with:

  • CTA - Alerts Processing Center
  • OCM – Medical Coordination
  • Operational Staff

After several years of development, BSPP is equipped with a high-tool of emergencies processing. This one is the state of the art.
The structuring project began in 2005. The first stone has been layed the 17 of March 2010. The emprises livraison occurred in November 2011. The cost of the realization was 25, 8 million euro.
This ergonomic structure, associated to the new technologies, contributes directly to the solving of current, complex, and operational situations and to a best synergy between different services which participate in crisis management in Parisian zone 5SDIS, EMZDSP, CAB, PP, police, SAMU, AASC, services providers…)
The Alerts Processing Center (CTA) is modern and spacious. It occupies 1000m2 and accommodates 30 operator stations of 18/112 and 13 operation stations of medical coordination. The old place had only 8 operator stations of 18/112 and 5 operation stations of medical coordination. It receives, on average, more than 6 000 calls per day and engages the rescue teams around 1 400 times. The Center is armed with more than 300 sappers, medicals and nurses whose take turns.
Every day, 1 officer, 2 non-commissioned officers, 2 floor men, 36 operators CTA and of medical coordination, 1 parameter and 3 adviser-operators provide the operational answer of the BSPP, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
Since 2016, it welcomes the platform of emergency calls 17/18/112, permitting to the Prefecture of Police to mutualize the 112 reception with DSPAP.


The medical coordination is the link between the 18/112 and the 4 CRRA (Calls Reception and Regulation Center) 15 (75, 92, 93 and 94). It is an integral part of CO. De facto, it is under the control of the medical coordinator officer of the guard H24.

  • It participates to the evaluation of emergency calls as part of rescue to the victims, in contact with the operators of 12/118 room,
  • It receives and processes the assessments transmitted by the chiefs of means apparatus,
  • It activates and manages the means of emergency medical service of the BSPP,
  • It informs the commandment in the respect of medical secrecy,
  • It operates the operational interface with the services of medical emergency assistance (SAMU), the health facilities and the healthcare structures,
  • It processes 1 300 calls a day in which 1 000 assessments and 300 requests of VSAV (of the 4 SAMU).
  • It is made up with 3 medicals, 1 nurse and 8 operators of medical coordination (OCM).