The 1st Fire and Rescue Regiment defends the North-East of Paris and the Seine-Saint- Denis department (headquarters: Montmartre)

The 1st Fire and Rescue Regiment is in charge of a sector which covers one third of the North-East of Paris and almost all the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, i.e. 2.2 million inhabitants. This is area is characterized by residential estates often housing a heterogeneous population living in precarious conditions. The Seine-Saint-Denis has more than 40 estates often dilapidated and ill-famed for their dangerosity.

It also comprises some famous sites, e.g. the Stade de France, the Opéra Garnier, the department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, 3 large railway stations and Le Bourget business airport.


In order to defend the area it covers the 1st GIS is made up of 9 companies covering 23 rescue centers which employ daily 504 firemen. The total personnel amount to 1,808 people: 46 officers, 292 non-commissioned officers and 1,470 firemen of the row.


The 1st Regiment is the most in demand in the BSPP with 179,701 interventions. It intervenes on 43% of the fires covered by the Brigade. The average rate of demands in 24 hours amounts to 3.8 interventions for the machine pump and 7.8 for the personal rescue.

Number of firemen: 1,808
Number of rescue centers: 23
Population: 2.2 million inhabitants
Interventions: 179,701