Ethics of the Paris Fire Brigade


General Robert Casso 


"I do not want to know nor your philosophy,
neither your religion, nor your political opinion,
little matters me that you would be young person or old,
rich person or poor, French or foreign.

If I allow myself to ask you which is your sorrow,
it is not by indiscretion but well for better helping you.

When you call me, I run,
but ensures itself to have alerted me
by the fastest ways and surest.

The minutes of waiting will appear long to you,
very long, in your distress
forgive my apparent slowness."



The code of honor of the fireman of Paris

Ayant accepté de servir avec honneur et loyauté à la brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris :

  • I accomplish the mission received until the end;
  • I respect my bosses, my subordinates, my comrades;
  • I show humility, but also of a devotion, a discretion and an availability without fault;
  • I involve myself each day with rigour to acquire and preserve an optimal effectiveness;
  • Iact with celerity, courtesy and impartiality whatever the type of intervention for which I was called;
  • I respect all the victims and I take into account any distress;
  • always interdependent, I know neither violence, neither indifference, nor lassitude;
  • I commit myself showing in any circumstance of discipline and an exemplary moral rigour
  • I am proud knowledge and traditions which bequeathed me my old;
  • I accept duties and requirements of the military trade of fireman.

The général Richard LEFÈVRE
on April 23rd, 2001